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Professional Services

Coaching and Supporting

Coaching and support allows administrators and teachers  to apply their learning more deeply, frequently, and constantly than developing CTE pathways and WBL experiences alone. 

New CTE Teacher Training

Being a new teacher from industry is a huge task and major adjustment. New CTE Teacher Training equips new teachers with the tools and resources required as they transition to schools.

Partnership Development

Successful CTE pathways require strong business and community partnerships. Advisory boards create and enhance learning opportunities and  provide industry recognized training and employment resources. 

Professional Development

We facilitate interactive professional developments to strengthen CTE pathways and post-secondary career planning. 

Post-Secondary Career Planning

What's Next? Is the one question you'll ask your graduating seniors. We will work with administrators, counselors, and CTE teachers to create post-secondary career planning for your non-college bound students. 

WBL Events

Our WBL strategies provide students with real-world experiences. Career readiness training, field trips, career fairs, guest speakers, and internships allows students to apply academic and technical skills.


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