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Desert Road

Going The Distance

We allow students to EXPLORE  their personal skills through career assessments, technical assistance, soft skills training, and financial planning. We provide students with employment OPPORTUNITIES that match their skills and interest. Students are prepared to APPLY to the industry’s most in-demand jobs.

Teacher Assisting a Student


We found that employers experience more challenges with entry-level employees in their workforce when they’re unable to provide soft skills training. We bring evidence-based models and solutions to address the needs of the workforce.

Classmates in Library


The top entry-level jobs are in construction, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. We curate employment opportunities that engage both prospective employees and employers to drive talent pipelines in our most in-demand career fields.

Job Interview


Applicants have an 8.3% chance of getting a job interview from a single job application. We provide applicants with a better understanding of the hiring funnel and support them until employment is secured.

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